Southern Vermont’s Premiere Home Makeover Company

Have you noticed the number of home remodeling and renovation shows on TV these days? Everyone loves a good transformation story. The best part of these shows is “the big reveal”—that moment when you see the evolution of a living space from “Before” to “After.” At Luxbrush, we don’t think that TV should have all the fun. Because we excel at providing quality results with the quickest possible turnaround, we have become the premiere home makeover company in Southern Vermont.

The drama in those makeover shows often stems from one team of contractors tripping over another?  There’s almost always a moment of stress because one group of tradesmen didn’t clearly communicate with another and each group only worried about their small piece of the big picture. Imagine how smooth the process would be if those teams not only listened to each other, but actually anticipated each other’s needs! Our design consultants work closely with our painting teams and all of our carpenters have extensive painting experience. In short, our teams play well together, making your home makeover as seamless as possible.  Also, because we offer so many services in-house, we save you the hassle of having to contact and schedule multiple contractors.

The magic of television can condense the time between “before” and “after” to a neat thirty minutes, but anyone who has tackled a remodeling project can tell you tell you that it takes significant time and effort to give a room (or a whole house!) a makeover. Luxbrush can shorten this time considerably. After all, we’re the guys who brought you One Day House Painting.

Aren’t you tired of living with the “Before” picture? Every room is a blank canvas, eagerly awaiting your creative touch. Whether you have a solid picture of how the “After” shot should look or you’re curious to see what potential designs our consultants can dream up, your home makeover pros at Luxbrush are here for you.