You’ve Got Piles of Painters in Your Home, Oh No!

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January 21, 2016
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You’ve Got Piles of Painters in Your Home, Oh No!

Are you Comfortable Having Painters in your Home?
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Some people just don’t like having painters in their homes, or for that matter – workers of any type. I can understand that – the inconvenience of your schedule being disrupted can be such a pain. Some people are just nervous having strangers in the house with them. Or not with them…imagine handing your house key over to a person or painter you’ve never met before that moment. Sounds kind of creepy, right?

I was recently on the receiving end of that key. A very nice lady asked me to manage her project for her as she was much too busy at work. I agreed and our team of carpenters, painters and craftspeople were off and running. Although not an exceptionally large house, the work encompassed 85% of the home’s interior. The kitchen and baths were left for future renovation; the rest of the rooms and common spaces were to be repainted, floors refinished, crown molding installed, plumbing pipes moved, lighting fixtures replaced, a few plaster walls and ceilings pulled down and sheet rocked. I even got to install a decorative plaster finish.

With a great team managing their hours and budgets the 4-week long job went quite smoothly. Our customer was extremely pleased with the quality of finishes, the revival of her beautiful wood floors and the colors she and I chose. The fact that we finished on time and on the budget was a normal expectation on our part, but a huge relief to the customer. When she and I did the final walk-through 2 days before her move in date, her excitement resonated in the air! I visited 3 days later; the day after she had moved in and was shocked at how settled she was after only 24 hours.

I had a very important question to ask this customer: the day we had done our first walk through to make sure the team and I had all of our ducks in a row – what was your biggest fear? Wow, she answered very easily! ”Not only was I very worried about this time and materials budget we had agreed on, I really wasn’t quite sure who I was handing my key over to – that made me uncomfortable. Luxbrush had come highly recommended by the previous homeowner as well as a colleague, but I was nervous about not knowing any of you or the quality of the work I was actually going to get.” I then asked when it was that she finally felt at ease?

The answer was the best I could have hoped for – the customer was put at ease 2 days into the job when the lead painter decided to attend a Saturday meeting with the homeowner because he wanted to meet the person he was working for. Who wouldn’t appreciate and respect that? The following Monday my daily email updates began and it was obvious to the homeowner that the level of communication was going to be high. Within less than one week this homeowner was comfortable and relaxed about having Luxbrush painters in her home for an extended period of time.

This was one of Luxbrush’s many success stories. Our highly skilled craftspeople delivered quality finishes on time, on budget and left behind a VERY happy customer! Not only was this lady perfectly comfortable having painters in her house – these painters will be back to paint the exterior as soon as she is ready!