Winter Weather, Winter Damage: Keeping Jack Frost OUT of Your Home

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January 25, 2016
Ice Dams and Interior Water Damage Require Immediate Action
January 27, 2016
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Winter Weather, Winter Damage: Keeping Jack Frost OUT of Your Home

I hope you’re bundled up!

Between the snow and the frigid temperatures, Jack Frost has chased all but the bravest of us indoors. But while we’re warm and snug in front of our fireplaces and woodstoves, wintry conditions might be damaging our roofs and prying into our homes. Snow can quickly turn to ice dams on a roof and, if left untreated, can lead to interior water damage and a compromised home.

Ice dams occur when poorly insulated roofs melt snowfall into a slushy mix of “meltwater” which then refreezes into ice. We call them “dams” because they block the flow of meltwater, causing it to pool up and to then find alternative routes. These other routes might include seeping under your shingles or along other paths into your home’s interior. This leads to wet insulation, drywall damage, and unsightly stains on ceilings and walls.Major water damage is easy to spot, but sometimes Jack Frost is more subtle.

Have you ever noticed parallel dark lines on your ceiling? These are called “shadow lines” and they’re telltale signs of the havoc wintry weather can cause inside your home. Cold temperatures can travel down your home’s trusses, creating cold strips. Condensation forms around these strips and, in time, they become breeding grounds for mildew. Shadow lines are dark because they’re really just stripes of mildew colonies.

Ice dams, shadow lines, moldy situations, and water damage are all unfortunate but they’re also avoidable. Whether you’re in the “Prevention Stage” or things have escalated all the way to “Damage-Control,” we can help.

In addition to everything else we do, Luxbrush offers:
  • Ice and Snow Removal (from roofs, driveways, and walk ways)
  • Solutions for Moldy Situations
  • Drywall and Carpentry Repairs
  • Basic Insulation and Weatherization Consultations (including thermal imaging for risk assessment)
  • Interior Painting Services
Don’t let Jack Frost lower your spirits. Give us a call.