Top 10 Kids’ Rooms Make Over Ideas

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February 9, 2016
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Top 10 Kids’ Rooms Make Over Ideas

Top 10 Kids’ Rooms Make Over Ideas

Wild West
Everyone loves the adventure of the Wild West! With a carefully designed mural, your child’s room can be transformed into an imaginative scene of Cowboys (and/or Native Americans) riding in the distance and tumbleweeds and cow fencing in the foreground. Other features might include wagon wheels (real or painted) and a bed canopy made to look like a covered wagon.

The safari theme begins with an accent wall painted with your child’s favorite animal print and a wrap-around safari landscape on the others. The two common landscape options are a dramatic sunset scene with trees and animals in silhouette or a daytime scene with detailed animals and a blue sky.

Racing Cars
This popular design begins with painted race cars lined up on one wall and racing stripes going around the room. Often this theme includes the ever-favorite “race car bed.” It often includes painting furniture in the classic “pit stop red” and some even choose to have a bookshelf or wardrobe customized to look like a gas pump. Accents might include racing flags and logos, numbers, or emblems from your child’s favorite race car driver, automotive company, or race-themed movie.

The castle theme is a perennial favorite because it often includes more interactive elements than some of the other themes on our list. False walls are constructed to create a playhouse-type space for your child. These walls are then painted to resemble a castle’s stone exterior walls. A landscape is then painted on another wall, completing the scene. Does you family have its own crest or coat of arms? If so, it can be easily incorporated into this design. Alternatively, we could work with your child to create his or her very own heraldic symbols.

Does your child love nature? Why not let them feel the joy of the great outdoors all year round by bringing the tree house experience inside? This design begins with a forest painted on two of the walls. Often, this is paired with a tent hung from the ceiling as a bed canopy.

If your child loves sailing and ships, this theme is perfect. It begins with nautical flags that spell out your child’s name. Next, we incorporate a compass rose, ropes, and seagulls. Let your imagination set sail with this theme.

Outer Space
This solar system theme is perfect for the little astronaut in your life. Walls and ceiling are painted blue and then planets, stars, and the sun are added. Painted comet tails complete the effect.

Number three on our list is the sports theme. First, the walls are painted with the official colors of your son or daughter’s favorite team. Then we add a painted jersey of his or her favorite player (or we can put your child’s name on it). Next, we paint a larger mural of that team’s logo. Other design details might include an image of the trophy (Stanley Cup, etc.) or sports equipment.

Flower Garden
This design starts with picket fences (real or painted). Next, we add butterflies, birds, and lots and lots of flowers. These flowers can be a medley of beautiful blooms or specific flowers if your child has favorites. Other accents might include watering cans, painted cobblestones on the floor, and a green rug that looks grassy.

Underwater World
This immersive environment surrounds your child with images from the deep blue sea. Sea turtles, dolphins, and fish decorate every wall and even on the ceiling. It’s the next best thing to growing a pair of gills!