One Day House Painting

One Day House Painting is a service of Luxbrush Painting Company

We are based in Manchester Center, VT

Serving Southern Vermont and Eastern New York since the Last Millennium

Luxbrush Painting is a committed leader on the frontier of the painting trade in quality of services and the total business package offered to our customers. We accomplish this through continuous business and technical education.

Why Do We Paint Your House In One Day?

Because it’s better for you

  • More freedom
  • Less hassle
  • No extra cost

Because it’s better for the environment

  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Fewer supplies
  • Less waste

Because it’s better for us

  • It attracts the smartest customers – people we want to work with
  • It’s the best expression of our customer service commitment
  • Better quality control because bad things can’t happen while we’re away overnight

Because we can … which gives us a unique marketing advantage.