Interior Painting

The Painting Experience You Deserve

Relax with Luxbrush. We’ve Got You Covered!

A Low-Stress Painting Experience

Anxious about opening your home—and your wallet—to an unknown contractor? We get it. Hiring painters can be a stressful task. How do you know you’re getting your money’s worth? How can you guarantee the safety and security of your home?

Our goal is to provide a good paint job at a fair price, but, most importantly, in a low-stress experience. We have a systematic approach to painting which keeps you informed at every step of the project. From the time you meet us through the last brushstroke, we work diligently to make this an easy process for you.

A Confident Color Choice

Are you confused by color? We’ll help you find Just the Right Color. Guaranteed. When it comes to interior design, some people have a vision but wonder if the color change is too dramatic. What pops on paper might fizzle on the wall. Other customers know that their interior desperately needs a change, but they feel overwhelmed. They are intimidated by all the color choices. No matter which group you find yourself in, if the color wheel has your head spinning, we’re here to help.

Let’s discuss the “Just the Right Color Guarantee”. Designed by our color consultants, this service provides you with our specialist’s expert knowledge and then provides you a guided “test drive” of your color choices. Worried that the new color might look perfect in the morning but then seem gaudy in the evening sun? This color guarantee is for you!

A Quick Turnaround

If you’ve got a very short window of time but need expert-level painting results, you need a painting miracle. Luckily for you, our One Day House Painting service is in the miracle business. We designed One Day House Painting to assure customers that we can get the job done quickly. With proper planning and maximized efficiency, you’d be amazed how much time can be saved. Why not experience this for yourself?

Maybe you’re not constrained by a tight timeline, but you simply don’t want your painting project to drag on and on. Wouldn’t you like the peace of mind that your job has a clearly defined end date? Wouldn’t it be lovely to head out to work in the morning and come home to a completely transformed living space? It may sound impossible, but it is achievable if you know who to ask. No one should have to trip over painters for weeks on end. Put us to the test and we’ll prove that we can transform your home with just One Day.