Decorative Painting

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Become the Envy of The Neighborhood With Decorative Finishes

Decorative painting is where fashion meets paint

Decorative painters are skilled artisans who use specialty brushes, glazes, and gels, to create remarkable effects. These might include stencils, glazes, murals, or faux finishes to simulate marble, leather, stone, or wood grain. The genius of these painters is probably best seen in Trompe l’oeil, a technique that uses optical illusion to give depth to a flat surface or diminish the prominence of certain fixtures and architectural features.

Your Home. Our Skill. Your Design

Your living space is an extension of your lifestyle. It should look beautiful and project confidence. Most of all, your home should reflect your personal style. Our Decorative department takes a concierge approach to our customer relationships. We know that each design should be as unique as each individual customer and so we take the time to get to know you and your style. We also know that styles can change over time. We are here to help evolve your home on the time frame that suits you best.

As you know, it’s often the right accessories that make the perfect outfit shine. It can be the same way with interior painting. If you love your color scheme but your room still lacks that je ne sais quoi, maybe it needs some painting accents or a nice glaze. If you already have your design worked out and just need someone to make it all happen, our palettes are waiting for your command. If you are unsure exactly where to start, we have years of experience and loads of ideas. We could lend you style books to find your inspiration or we could show you our own library of sample cards. Once you know which style is best for you, we can make a customized sample board. This way you can know exactly what your design will look like.

Whether it’s through a large project or merely adding some small flourishes, the important thing is to make your home a stylish, personalized space. We can make that happen.