No Problem

No Problem

If you got to this page, it’s because you are a real estate agent, and we sent you a postcard – you won’t find this page on our navigation bar.

We invited you in through the back door because we’d like to talk to you “business to business.”

We offer a unique service. We paint houses in one day. Start to finish in just one day. And we happen to be right here in your backyard – the only accredited painting contractor anywhere who offers One Day House Painting.

We’re sure you can think of many situations where a one-day paint job is exactly the solution your client needs, either pre-sale or post-sale. Anything from a quick touch-up to a complete interior or exterior repaint.

Of course, we welcome referral business, and we appreciate it when you send your clients our way. Simply by knowing about and recommending One Day House Painting, you provide a first-class service to your clients. We’d be happy to talk to you about exactly what we do and why you can continue to refer your clients to us with confidence.

But we’d also like to talk to you about what’s in it for you.

We have some ideas about how we can cooperate with you to provide one-day painting services to all of your clients. We’d like to hear your ideas too. Let’s talk about how we can create mutual benefit for our businesses by providing great customer service to our clients.

You can use the contact form over to the right to let us know the best way to get in touch with you. Be sure to put “no problem” in the message box so we’ll know you’re one of our back door friends.