Instantly Upgrade Any Space with an Accent Wall

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January 24, 2016
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January 26, 2016
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Instantly Upgrade Any Space with an Accent Wall

It’s the holiday season once more and many of us can expect a steady stream of visiting loved ones from now until the New Year. As you know, one of the keys to successful entertaining is “presentation.” After all, one beautiful centerpiece can make the difference between a ho-hum table setting and an unforgettable dining experience. When we think about interior design, the accent wall functions like that centerpiece, instantly upgrading the room and magnifying the “wow factor.”

An accent wall is generally placed behind the main focal point of the room such as a fireplace, a bookshelf, a bed’s headboard, an attractive piece of art, or a distinctive piece of furniture. Some choose to install light fixtures to draw the eye to a particular object or space. An accent wall can do this to greater effect and at any time of day.

If your space currently has no natural focal point, the accent wall can help you create one. Sometimes all it takes to liven up a room is to have one wall painted in a bold color or pattern, which makes it stand out of the rest of the walls in the room. Through various plasters, stencils, glazes, or other Decorative Painting techniques, our specialists can transform your room in remarkable ways.

The great thing about accent walls is that the design can be as simple or as intricate as you like. There are countless ways to customize and upgrade your space with accent walls and they can have a very dramatic impact on your houseguests. Give us a call today and tell us how we can help you with your home upgrade!