Have Your Own Before and After Moment!

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January 21, 2016
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January 23, 2016
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Have Your Own Before and After Moment!

Have you been stuck in your house, staring the walls and waiting for the sun to come out? As you stare at the wall, do you like what you see?

It may be time for a home make-over.

One of the greatest parts about all of the renovation shows on television is the moment of “big reveal.” Usually placed in the last three minutes of the show, the big reveal first shows what the room or house looked like before the project began and concludes with the shocked faces of the homeowners as they see their renovation for the first time. What if you could see the same results on a similar, if not shorter, timeline? One Day House Painting is a service provided by Luxbrush that allows you to have that same moment of magical home transformation–your very own Before and After big reveal!

A good painter never wears out his welcome.

Have you heard of our One Day House Painting service? Luxbrush can tackle your painting project, large or small, in a day. One of the benefits of having such a large and experienced staff is that we can make bold statements like this and actually follow through. Our claim is more than mere boasting because we’re filled with experience, not hot air. But you don’t need us to tell you how we’re the premier painting company in Southern Vermont. Just look around. For years, we’ve been the ones painting your businesses, homes, churches, schools, and historical societies.

Imagine leaving your home after breakfast and heading out for your day knowing that by the time you returned that evening you’d be coming home to a transformed house.

Why trip over painters for weeks and weeks?

Why put your life on hold while part of your house is “off limits” due to someone else’s schedule? With furniture to be moved and other preparations to consider, there will always be some level of unavoidable inconvenience involved in painting a room or a home’s exterior. But just because we have to accept this “necessary evil” doesn’t mean we can’t drastically reduce the lifespan of that inconvenience. By offering a service like One Day House Painting, Luxbrush can condense that window of inconvenience so that you don’t feel it at all! We do the work while you go out to work (or play)! Just like with those tv shows, you get your very own Before and After big reveal experience!