Empty Nest or Open Opportunity? Repurposing Unused Bedrooms

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January 23, 2016
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January 25, 2016
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Empty Nest or Open Opportunity? Repurposing Unused Bedrooms

Autumn in Vermont is a time of color and transformation. Leaves are burnished copper and gold, orchard apples redden in the sun, and bright yellow buses awaken to remind us that school has begun once again. For many families, autumn’s transition means seeing their child leave the nest for college or that first “real job.” With mingled tears and joy, we embrace these transitions. But after the boxes are packed and driven away, what do you do with that now empty bedroom?

If your family life is turning from one season to the next, why not imitate autumn and add color to your transformation? Whether you want to transform a bedroom into an office, library, craft room, or other space, we can assist you in everything from repaints to full renovations. You can rely on our experienced paint crews and carpenters to repurpose those unused spaces and help your home give you its full potential.

Have you always wanted to start your own home business? When working from home, it’s important to have dedicated work space.

Is your book collection randomly spread throughout your house? If you have an unused room, why not have your own personal library? Our color consultants can help you find the best colors for a warm, inviting reading nook and our carpenters can build you customized shelves to take full advantage of the room.

Perhaps you would like a dedicated craft room for all your artistic endeavors? Or maybe you require a recreation room for that pool table you always wanted but, until now, lacked the room?

With all of your hobbies and interests, there is no reason for an empty nest to stay empty. Your home is yearning to live up to its full potential and every unused room is a blank canvas. Regardless of how you wish to use your new-found space, Luxbrush can help you bring your vision to light.