Just the Right Color Guarantee

What is this Guarantee?

You can experience the confidence of choosing paint colors well

Only from Luxbrush Painting Company

Here’s a sneak preview: We understand the reservations you might have about choosing paint colors so we have a solution that eliminates your pain… It’s Just the Right Color Guarantee. We will explore color options with you to find Just the Right Color for the space you’re working on. Then you will take it for a test drive. Finally, our craftsmen will transform your space with Just the Right Color for you.

There is a slim chance your new color will not be Just the Right Color, but You DO have Options and you have the support of Our Expertise and Our finely-tuned process to help you choose paint colors with confidence.

The Usual Color Process

Most painters are not professional color designers. Some dabble with fan decks but they are often quality paint installers not color designers. The paint contracting industry often defers the responsibility of choosing paint colors to you, the home owner. It is the Safe Approach- for the painter, not for you. We understand the pressure that puts on you and have developed our exclusive Just the Right Color guarantee to combat the typical pressure placed on you to choose paint colors. NO OTHER PAINTING CONTRACTOR OFFERS YOU THIS COLOR GUARANTEE.

What’s In it For YOU?

Experience the joy of color in your dining room… Feel exuberant when you come down to your kitchen in the morning

You don’t have to tolerate dull, drab color any longer. Rely on our expertise and feel the freedom to wrap yourself in color.

Check out Our Credentials:

Why Should You Trust Us With Color?
  • Bachelor of Fine Art in illustration
  • Two years studying Color Theory in a commercial art department
  • Faux finish/decorative painter and designer
  • Color Consultant
We are a Member of:
  • IDAL – International Decorative Artisans League
  • ASID Industry Partners group
  • Color & Paint Professionals group
  • Decorative Painter, Faux Artist, & Muralist Discussion Forum
  • PDCA Forum
  • Talk Faux International