Color Consultation

The Level of Service You Deserve

At Luxbrush we set ourselves apart from the competition

We are trained in active listening

Nearly any painting contractor can show you a color fan deck and then slap a coat of paint on your walls. At Luxbrush, we set ourselves apart by weaving proactive customer service into our extensive technical and design knowledge. This approach is shared by each of our Estimators, but for those times when you’d prefer to sit down and talk design options with an expert, consider our Color Consultation service. Good color design takes time and, often, takes dialog. Our patient, design-savvy Consultants will never rush you and will not rest until you’re 100% satisfied with your color choices. At Luxbrush, we always talk color with you, not at you.

All the technical knowledge in the world is useless if your contractor can’t hear what you need. Our Color Consultants are trained in active listening and it shows at every level of their design process. It is important to understand the living space, but it’s equally important to understand how that space is lived in. We’ll chat with you about how the room is used, how it makes you feel, whether you use the room at specific times of day, etc. The right color scheme is often a combination of individual reactions to colors—referred to as the psychology of color—as well as overall color flow and the types of light available.

Our goal is for you to be satisfied with your color and design choices. We know we can deliver because we’re confident in our process.