Award-Winning Customer Service

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April 8, 2016
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Award-Winning Customer Service

It’s Nice to be Recognized

Having just received an award from the Better Business Bureau for nine years of committed customer service, we at Luxbrush have been thinking a lot lately about the growth and changes that we have see in the past decade or so. From our humble origins operating out of a small garage in South Londonderry to our present status as one of the largest, most versatile painting outfits in Southern Vermont, it’s certainly been a wild ride.

One of the secrets of our success has been a commitment to craft that extends beyond the typical definition of “good painting.” Sure, we’re painting pros and we’ve adopted the high standards of the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America. Sure, we take pride in our staff’s extensive knowledge of surface prep and best practices for painting and staining. But our obsession with “craft” doesn’t stop with mastering paint technique.

We’ve spent years honing our customer service craft, as well. In these parts, it’s hard to get a contractor on the phone once hunting season starts. As we’ve grown, we’ve learned how important it is to greet our customers with a live voice and not a lame voicemail. We have a friendly office staff who happily schedule appointments, answer questions and (most importantly) build genuine relationships with our customers. We’re here when you call, we listen to you, and–as this BBB Award proves–you’ve taken notice. Thank you for your loyalty.

Ask the Experts

We love our customers and our customers love us. Luxbrush wants to be Vermonters’ “painter for life.” The meaning of this phrase is two-fold. First, we know that a quality paint job on a properly prepared surface may well last a lifetime. Second, we know that once someone experiences our level of craft–in all senses of the term–they’ll have us on speed-dial for all of their future projects.

We love chatting with our customers. In fact, it was due to customer demand that we’ve expanded our services over the years to include carpentry, window-washing, and specialty painting like furniture restoration and One Day House Painting. It will be interesting to see what the next decade has in store. Regardless of our size or our suite of services, however, we know that we’ll approach what comes with the same commitment to our customers.